Travelling to Portugal

I did not go on holiday for almost 2 years, recently I just took a break and head to Portugal . I have always dreamed about it . I have seen so many beautiful portraits of this country along the years , it always captured my attention the aspect that Portugal is still very authentic and bit retro . It is indeed ,  it did not disappoint me at all on this side . As I thought it would have been, it was. I left #Valencia by car and drive all the way to the South . I have incidentally took the West highway #Spain#Madrid , making longer my journey . I was so sleepy when I left ,  I just started driving and after 2 hrs of trip I realized it was too late to head back for getting down along the coast . It is very tiring driving all alone for almost 8 , 9 hrs , I passed #Ciudad Real and the descending towards Jaen , Grenada,  Algeciras . The entire route is a no stop intermittent sequence of flat cultivated fields , olive plantations , grazing lands and majestic mountains. I got surprised that we would have travelled with a caravan and the adventure got started , see info @ Left from South, we took the way trough Sevilla and Huelva . When you cross the border passing the bridge, scenario is almost same as Spain , just the change of the language made you realize that you are in Portugal . The road along the coast ( A22)  is an up and down a sequence of hills . We continued along the road which runs near by the coast , the road’s conditions are often not good . The way portoguese drive very dangerously on high speed even in the cities made me suggest that it is better  always let them go and keep the right hand of the road . The first day , we covered almost 500 Km and arrived at Sagres , a nice little fisher village at the edge of the coast . It is located in a Natural reservoir .

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