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Mezze penne with courgette

What you need: 200 gr of mezze penne,   1 courgette , pinch of salt and pepper ,  20 gr marjoram, 20 gr basil, half onion, 1 glove of garlic , n. 3 tbsp of olive How to make it : Start by cutting the courgettes in small pieces, cut the onion and the garlic …. Read More

Pasta : Mezze penne

Fiercely Italian inside and outside , being abroad since years i never liked how people name and rename all types of pasta . I like original name  as this one mezze penne ,  There are things in the world that cannot be translated : pasta is one of those .

Veggies Lasagna

  How to make it : ready in 45 minutes . You need 400 gr of lasagne, 40 ml of olive oil , n. 3 coloured peppers, pinch of salt and pepper, 20 gr butter,  2 tomatoes, 100 gr of tomatoes sauce from can , 30 gr parmiggiano cheese, 1 onion,   100 gr endive. For… Read More

Pasta farfalle with eggplants and basil

Pasta with eggplants : ready in 15 minutes .  N.1 eggplant , 1 pinch of salt and pepper, 2 tablespoon of olive oil, 200 gr of basil, 300 gr of pasta , 10 gr of marjoram . Chop in cube the eggplants ,  brown with oil in a pan for 10 minutes . Add salt… Read More

Pasta with spinach

Quick , fresh and with raw spinach  just 15 minutes to prepare . Some basil leaves as final touch . Once pasta is ready , add spinach directly , mix gently  for 6 minutes . Enjoy !