Back home trough Germany

 Another long route back to NL , I decided to drive from German side . It has been over 5 years since I was last time in Germany , I always enjoyed my time over there . Much more affordable than where I habitually live, great landscape and food are excellent . Hospitality is great too. I stayed in Ottesweier a very quite village close to the magnificent Black Forest . I met up with extraordinary hosts that make my staying just so beautiful . They had this amazing house all in wooden with garden and zen silence . Exactly what I needed,  after a nightmare crossing the border with Italy , long infinite queues to reach this place . Travellers are  on the road cause of this pandemic , lot of them are very reluctant in getting on plane,  to reach their holidays places this year . That make all big roads completely stucked July and August .  really  a nightmare . Hot , no water . Very bad journey . I was totally paid off when I reached this little Eden , I have even extended my staying,  cause feeling was beautiful . I let the photos speak for me . I have graced  nature, food and people . 

What Impressed me is that , outside big centers in Germany there are no English speakers . Price for food and drinking are good .


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