El Puig -Valencia

#elpuig ,  I have been living in #Valencia #spain #memories for almost 3 years , it has been a path of peaks and valleys, a long sickness probably extended my kharma to stay over on what should have been the real agenda  .  It is really not relevant anymore …But again life is  what it is , along those years magic and shit happened , as resilience  is a statutory way of life for me , not because I am special but because it happened to be the only way to survive , I made out the most of it , during the peaks , during the valleys , here my story .  In the shit hope never died , in the peaks  I have never missed the opportunity to hit the road , driving miles and miles , travelling is my addiction. Back to this story #elpuig de santamaria  has a place in my heart , when  I moved to Valencia over 3 years ago , impact of difference in culture , climate was not something indifferent or kind a thing I could have ignored .  It really hit me. My liaison with #elpuig got started  on one of those depressive many week ends when you emigrate , you do not  know anyone and you do need a fresh mind to kick out your following week. I have been suggested there was this location just 15 km from #Valencia that I could have liked. It was a love at first glance . #elpuig is small, anonymous, quiet , clean sea very unknown to the most who vist Valencia , enough to get my heart .I have booked the  hotel www.hotelcasbah.com , I have been treated as princess , returned many times from that day . Always happy .  They have a various ranges of prices depending on the season , #Valencia beaches are always overrated , #elpuig is a good alternative, it has a wonderful monastery , good places where to eat

El PUIG means in Valencian = HILL


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