Enjoying what is around you …

In a period where we can only dream to get around , to break my routine, I have slowly started exploring cafes around , where I do live. A simple coffee, or a sandwich to go trough my work day. Warm weather , tasting new food and enjoying listening people around me. A year of pandemic has broken everything and creates a very surrealistic dimension of life. Have a chat , seeping a nice coffee we have dreamed in the last 7 months , now become tangible and it is a ritual for me . Boon is very nice cafe´, with international environment always amable with clients , they have exquisite ” piadina” , with fresh ingredients .Super coffee .

I have started this project of exploring caffes around my area , taking picture and later home , put my watercolor on paper . It is fun , relaxing . Painting and food is wonderful for me , as Italian , creative and passionate about food , a perfect combo of what I love most.


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