The importance of being resilient …

It is never easy to take on board that you have health ´s issues … I have spent 2017 -2019 behind my right arm tendon´s ruptures , 2 surgeries , never ending pain, never ending physiotherapy I mean…

It has been a very strenuous life’s journey, that obliged me to reinvent each aspect of my daily life . From getting dressed , to deal with mental status . There are no recipes for this , it is just the desperation that lined up paths, that you could never imagined . When you are completely alone, as I am , there are no choices , you either give up on what it is occurring to you and you succumb , or you accept your reality and embrace in its entirety. I moved to the second . I have never had an easy life , I have climbed many peaks in my life , I lost in many , I have won many of them . But my general attitude is always trying the outmost I have and if I fail , at least I have tried .

I must admit that resilience plays a key factor in life’s battles . I have individuated in myself few psychological steps to reach it. It is worth to share it .

Step one , when I got to know what the problem is and the moment I accept the reality , there is an elapsed of 2 3 days , I want to be completed alone , I cry out desperately , I am storming in my brain , I am a kinda of overlapping emotions , one vomiting to other , I am confused , I am desperate , I refuse it , I reject it.

Step two , when tears start calming down, brains´s cells start being on track again , I face the reality , I embrace it ,

Step three Resilience starts working in the brain, it says yes , you have the problem , how you can reduce the pain , how you can face the day by day .

Step four: what you can do to sort out yr issue ? what to do for having a constructive mental attitude ? what you can do for accepting your new reality , this is where the new reality starts off.

Step five brain enters in mood surviving , focused in solution , accepting day by day

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