Huertas in Valencia – Agriculture …culture …

I have recently moved to Valencia for business reasons and I am exploring the areas around , I like to get acquainted with local traditions and portrait always what each place has to offer . Valencia is a wonderful context of foods , beaches  and charming people .  On the area near by the city , named Alboraya you can see those beautiful fincas, named Huertas in spanish, typical little market about veggies and fruits. Small mansions in the middle of the fields lost around the cultivations . Seems to be in the past centuries , in the carribeans . But no we are in Valencia , east upper coast of the beautiful Spain.  People here follow the nature´s  rythym . The hot, unbearable weaking  makes it weaking up really early  a.m. and get into the field to take care of their own fields . And then later on the day when the sun gives them some break . Life is following these times , naturally . Products are very natural and incredibly cheap , quality assured . I spoth the fields one day, later hours in the even around 6 pm , still h ot and lighty day indeed.  This is very peculiar aspect of Valencia, famous more for its beaches than this . But as me , so passionate about nature , those Huertas got my attention straight on

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