Mezze penne with courgette

What you need: 200 gr of mezze penne,   1 courgette , pinch of salt and pepper ,  20 gr marjoram, 20 gr basil, half onion, 1 glove of garlic , n. 3 tbsp of olive

How to make it : Start by cutting the courgettes in small pieces, cut the onion and the garlic .  In a pan with oil , brown the onion  for few minutes , add the courgettes, keep cooking for 15 minutes .  Apart  you will boil mezze penne with water and a salt for 10 minutes, add the marjoram and basil .  Drain the pasta from water , put it iin a plate adding the courgettes you just prepared . Spread parmiggiano if you like it before serving 

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