Soup with chickpeas and sausage chorizo (spanish definition)

What you need:  200 gr of chickpeas , a pinch of salt and pepper ,  1 glove of garlic , 1 little onion , 4 tbs of olive oil ,  4 leaves of laurel , 200 gr of green beans , 20 gr of saffron, 150 gr of chorizo (spanish sausage).

How to make it : if  you use fresh chickpeas, they  need to be put in a bowl with water 24 hrs before you cook. In alternative you can use pre-boiled version. I am always for fresh stuff but again cooking is personal so anything suits you just go for it .   In a small casserole chop and brown the garlic and the onion with olive oil just for 2 minutes,  add the chickpeas with half glass of water and keep steering them, for 15/17 minutes .  With a lid they will cook faster . Meanwhile  apart you cut finely the green beans and boil them  in a pan with hot water for almost 5  minutes .  Take them out . Cut the chorizo sausage in pieces of 5 cm each . Add the sausage into the casserole , steer for 2 minutes . Keep controlling the chickpeas , they must be tender but not melted , add the green beans . Mix all the ingredients , add the saffron and adjust with salt and pepper , cook for just 5 ore minutes . Add at the end the laurel leaves to garnish this wonderful soup .  It can be stored in the fridge for few days . It will gain taste and be more delicious .

Serve with dry bread or bouillons just perfect .

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