Veggies Lasagna


How to make it : ready in 45 minutes . You need 400 gr of lasagne, 40 ml of olive oil , n. 3 coloured peppers, pinch of salt and pepper, 20 gr butter,  2 tomatoes, 100 gr of tomatoes sauce from can , 30 gr parmiggiano cheese, 1 onion,   100 gr endive.

For besciamella:  500 ml  milk , 40 gr butter, 40 gr flour, pinch salt and pepper,  15 gr walnut.

Chop finely the peppers and brown them in a pan with oil for 10 minutes,  add as last the salad , cook for 5 min more. Apart cook the tomatoes previously cubed with some oil , add the can too for 10 minutes. Warm the oven at 180 degrees. Spread the butter in a baker dish .   Prepare apart besciamella, in a hot pa warm the milk , add  the butter once it is melted add slowly the flour keeping steering  with low flame. In 5/5 minutes once you have reached the density desired,  adjust with salt , pepper and walnut.

Get the baking dish , one layer of lasagna , veggie, tomatoes , besciamella till filling it completely . Final touch spread the cheese on top . Put in the oven for about 30 minutes , check every now and then .  Serve hot .  Veggies can be anyone you like

Here just the version of my day .


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