How to make it :   Serve   4 people ,  2o minutes  , what  you need  ..400 gr mature tomatoes,  2 green peppers( long ones)  ,  pinch of salt and pepper,  1 tbsp white vinegar , 3 tbs  of oil, 2 gloves of garlic, 100 gr of breadcrumbs . Peel off the tomatoes skin,  cut them in cubes, de-see the pepper , cut them finely . In a big bowl add  all ingredients  and mix them with a blender ,  you might need  to adjust with addition oil . Quantities are purely indicative . 20160731_145042

If you like more tasty , add more garlic . It is a delicious , simple, tasty meal .Super healthy any moment of the day , with ice cubes even better for this hot summer


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