Before cooking you need to feel …………After almost a year in Spain I dared to cook paella , a beautiful recipe, thousand of versions, unspeakable taste and colourful plate . Here my version with fish

How to make it  Serve 3 people : 3 oil tbsp. of oil , 25 gr saffron ,  pinch of salt and pepper , 1 glass of dry white wine , 700 gr squid rings , 50 gr mussels ,  170 gr prawns ,  400 gr with rice ,  80 gr  clams,30 gr of parsley     .  time needed   1 hr, one lemon

Notes: I use fresh food , if you take frozen fish times indicated can be reduced of 10 minutes, ensure  water evaporate properly .

Mussels if fresh must be prepared apart , cleaned up by sand,

In a pan add oil , low flame put the squid rings, cook for  5 minutes , add the mussels, keep cooking  for 10 minutes , always low flame. Add rice , keep stearing ,  add water , rice cannot stick onto pan.  Add mussel  ,keep mixing for 15 minutes .  Add the prawns , put the glass of wine , keep  mixing  for 10 minutes ,  wine needs to evaporate completely . Add the clams, cook  them20160717_114936 for 10 minutes .

Add parsley , salt and pepper , spread saffron , squeeze the lemon juice before composing yr plate …..


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